How to play 30+ games on 3DS/2DS console with a single 3ds card?

Here I will tell you how you can play 30/40/50 even 50+ 3ds games on your 2ds or 3ds console with a single 3ds card. The flash card is no damage to your console, is super easy to use on 2ds/3ds machine and is not expensive to buy compared with those official game cartridge. So want to know what's it now? There is the answer.

Which supports multiple 3ds roms on the 3DS/2DS console?

That's the 3ds flash card sky3ds+. Sky3ds+ or sky3ds plus not only supports multi-3ds rom but also the 3ds game hacking function. So users can download free 3ds game roms to sky3ds+ and use it to play multiple 3ds games on the 2ds, 3ds and new 3ds xl console. Currently, sky3ds+ is compatible with 3ds firmware version up to v11.3 and lowest to v1.0. Which means you can install it on any 3ds/2ds/new 3ds console to play the free multiple 3ds roms.

  • Sky3ds+ official site: It is from, which is the first flashcard team to produce the item hacks the latest 3ds firmware to play 3ds games.
  • Sky3ds+ game compatibility:Sky3ds+ support nintendo 3ds not nds games, support cart 3ds games not eshop 3ds roms.
  • Sky3ds+ latest firmware: Sky3ds+ with the latest firmware supports large 3ds roms over 4gb with game trimming and plays the Pokemon Sun&Moon on your consoles.

How to use the Sky3ds+ to play 30/40/50 even 50+ 3ds games?

Like I said, sky3ds+ flash card is easy to setup on your machine, here is the simple tutorial.

  1. Fomat the microsd card to fat32 which is later used for Sky3ds+.
  2. Go to download its latest firmware version. Unzip the firmware file, copy all the contents to the root of sd card.
  3. Go to to download game roms. Unzip the game file too, copy only the .3ds formats to the sd card root.
  4. Put microsd card to sky3ds+ card. Insert sky3ds plus to your console slot. Then, everything is ok. You can play free 3ds games.

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  5. Sky3dsitalia site has official blog to teach you how to setup your R4 or 3DS card on the gaming console. If you have problems, just e-mail to them. is your good choice for buying flash card in Italy