Maeandra Collins
"Cape Cobra"

What is taxonomy?

A taxonomy is a science naming of organisms and assigning them groups. Taxonomy is made up of 7 classification groups kingdom, phylum, class, order, family genus and species.  

Their organism names are made of 2parts genius and species.

The taxonomy of Cape Cobra....

Kingdom: Animalia- animals are multicellular eukaryotic organisms which are single celled or multi-celled which contains a distant membrane bond nucleus. Most of these animals can move around on their own.

phylum: Chordata- has a notochord which runs underneath which support the nerve cord .

class: Reptilian- a cold blooded a class of cold blooded vertebrates that have ossified Skelton and a body covered with scales.

order: Squamata- are species who shed their  skin one piece. They have jointed skulls and jaws which are both strong and flexible. Which gives them a powerful bite grip. These animals usually lay their eggs or they have live babies.

family: on land these snakes are found worldwide tropical and subtropical regions but except.

genus: naja- venomous snake s known as "cobras"

Where are Cape Cobra found.....?

The life of an Cape Cobra

A Cape Cobra spends most of its life in Africa. This snake likes very hot and dry weather conditions.

They mating season for these species are from September to October. The female cobra will lay 8 to 20 eggs in the midsummer. This baby "Cape Cobras" are independent from birth. These snakes hatch mostly females then males.

These venomous snakes can be a various of colors like russet mahogany,olive brown and even black. If the cape cobra was ever challenged the snake will hiss loudly. The "Cape Cobra" like to leave in things called trapboxes because its quite place. The cape cobra are carnivorous which prey on multiple bird and other snakes.

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