Why does world war two matter today?

World War Two matters today, because we became more industrialized. Women went to work for the first time, and even though the number of women in the workplace decreased when the war ended, women's rights were a sure thing after that. Women were seen as able to do the heavy type jobs only men were thought to do before. In some places, racism decreased because men had to fight with other units of a different race. The units were segregated but you could still be in a battle with a unit made up of a different race. We look back on WW2 as the period in our history where we did a good thing. We stopped the spread of Nazism, helped stop German expansion and brought an end to emperial rule in Japan.

how did ww2 change texas?

During World War II Texans sacrificed whatever was necessary to support "our boys overseas." Rationing became a way of life-stamp books for meat, sugar, coffee, shoes, rubber, auto parts, and eventually gas became a necessity. Farmers, with prices high, cultivated the soil to its maximum, thereby helping the United States become the storehouse for the Allied nations.

What would texas be like if ww2 never happened?

If ww2 would have never happened, Texas would most likely have more oil and a better economy, because they wouldn't of had to ration so much of they're produce, and necessities.