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Looking for Alaska
By John Green

Looking for Alaska is about a teenage boy named Miles who's going to Culver Creek Boarding School, later nicknamed "Pudge" by his roommate Chip. Throughout the book Miles is trying to figure out the "Great Perhaps". While he's trying to figure it out he meets Alaska, the girl who changed everything. The girl who was gorgeous, funny, self-destructive, screwed up but pulls Pudge into her world. Alaska Young pulled him in, pitched him into the Great Perhaps, and steals his heart. But, after... Nothing is ever the same.


"Alaska lay on her back, her hands locked behind her head. She spoke softly and quickly, but the quiet day was becoming a quieter night- the bug gone now with the arrival of winter- and we could hear her clearly." (119)

"'This is fun,' she whispered, 'but I'm so sleepy. To be continued?'" (131)

"We didn't have sex. We never got naked. I never touched her bare breast, and her hands never got lower than my hips. It didn't matter. As she slept, I whispered, 'I love you, Alaska Young.'"(131)


I liked this book because the author did a really good job on drawing me in from the beginning. He made me feel like the events in the book were actually happening to me, but really they weren't. Also, did a really good job and keeping it exciting and new. I never felt that I needed to stop reading because it was boring and he blabbed on about something random, he was to the point about everything but kept it exciting. I enjoyed reading his book and would hopefully soon read other books written by him.


Although I loved the book there were just some events that made me upset. The events caused me not to read for about a week or two because I was so upset. I, like Miles, feel in love with Alaska. When the events happened with her I just couldn’t bring myself to actually read on. Though, I will not tell you the events that happened because that would be spoiling it. With that, I went days with battling with myself to pick up the book again and read it. I finally did pick it up again a few days later and soon finished it.

Five out of Five

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