Come to Canada, eh!

By, Kelsey Fahland Hour 2

Canada Welcomes Everyone!

In Canada, you don't have to worry out fitting in. Canada has adopted a policy called multiculturalism, which accepts all types of cultures. They even have French Canadians called Francophones. Wow! In Canada, you will be welcome with open arms; Canadians are known for their niceness!

Canadian History

Canada has an interesting history. As we already know, Canada is a free country. That's all thanks to Pierre Trudeau. In 1982, he fought for the Chapter of Rights and Freedoms in the Canadian Constitution. Now the Canadian Citizens have many of the same rights Americans do.

Another interesting piece of Canadian history is when Quebec voted to to separate from Canada in 1980 and 1995. The separatists, who wanted Quebec to be an independent country, lost both times and are still apart of the glorious Canada.

Hockey, Moose, and Bears, Oh My!

Do you enjoy hockey, wrestling bears, or riding moose? Then Canada is the place for you! Here in Canada, we will quench your thirst for ice hockey. Our national team even won the 2014 Olympics!

Canada has a love for animals. You won't have to look far to see some bears or moose!

Canada's Goods

If you go to Canada, you won't go home empty handed; Canada has a great industry, and they produce great exports, or goods traded with other countries, such as timber and maple syrup. Imagine eating those Sunday morning flapjacks with some authentic Canadian maple syrup!

Sights to See

You won't be bored in Canada, for there are many exciting places to go. The main attraction is Niagara Falls in Ontario. Beautiful!

Don't you worry about all of those transportation barriers that make traveling difficult. Here in Canada, we have set up transportation corridors that make your travel as easy as wrestling a bear on a Tuesday.

Hope to See you soon!

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