By: Jerry Spagnoli


Alan by Jerry Spagnoli is a very simple triptych set of images. Spagnoli uses the daguerreotype process for this specific sequence and captures his subjects "emotion" in a strange way. The three frames are broken up from left to right as follows, spread hand, profile view from the neck up, then another spread hand. The expression on the profile view looks as if he is sleeping and the hands seem to be his inner thoughts. The composition of the images is very simple but in a way full of interest. At first glance the hands seem to be extended in a questioning or surprised gesture. the hands on the outside of the profile bring attention to the expression while having the hands remaining a significant part of the image. Finally I believe the piece is a very good representation of Spagnoli's work. He is well known for his classic daguerreotype process and i know that he did a collection of anatomical portraits. These to characteristics are nicely expressed in this piece.