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My name is Katherine  Kenny and I am 27 years old. I live in Mississippi. My husband ( Joesph) is a union  soldier he is currently stationed at South Carolina. I live with my husband (Joesph) and two children Emily and Luke.

Day 1

My husband usually is gone at war or working, so its normally just me and the kids. I start my days by making breakfast for me and the kids this usually is around 5:30 A.M. Then I take the kids to school then I head home to right my daily newspaper article on how the war and battles were a terrible thing. After I'm done with my article I go down to the river to clean our clothes then pin them on the clothes line. In the afternoon I go to the end of our road to meet the kids because they are done from school. When we get home me and kids go out to the garden to pick some fruits and vegetables for dinner. When we are done we go inside to make dinner. After dinner I clean up then give my kids a bath and they got to bed. After the kids are in bed us women have a meeting in library to talk about how we are going to raise money for the soldiers; for medical supplies or food.   

Day 2

Today there was a battle in Corinth that my husband might have been involved in. I didn't tell the kids because I didn't want them to be worried and not knowing for sure if he was involved in it. So I wrote him a letter to see if he was ok.

The letter read:

Dear Joesph,

I heard there was battle today close where you are located. I am worried you might have been involved in it. I am scared you might have got hurt or even killed. I haven't told the children yet because I don't know if you were really involved in the battle. There is already a newspaper headline on the battle. The headline is, " The Democrat and American," inside the newspaper there id an article on the battle. I don't have much more time to right this letter because the kids need bathed. Anyways I hope nothing bad happened to you if you were involved write me back ASAP so I know your ok.



Day 3

Today was Saturday me and the kids still got up early, but we head to town this morning. We went to the store to get food then we headed back home. When we got home me and the children gathered at the table and I told them what the war was and why it was happening. Then I took Emily out of the room to where it was just me and Luke because soon he had to make the decision on going to war to not and I wanted him to know I was going to be there for him. Next I started to make lunch for us.  After that the kids head outside to do there chores while they do that I send cleaning clothes to the army camps.When the kids were done and I was done I we hung out as a family the kids played with there toys while I read the local newspaper on the update on the war.

Day 4

Today I received a letter from Joesph which kinda made me relaxed me a little because I knew he wasn't dead. I still haven't told the kids yet, but my parents know how I was scared something happened.   

Dear Katherine,

      Yes dear, I am ok all I have is a broken leg so I will be heading home to you and the kids. As a result in the war we won!!! Which I'm sure you already know because of the newspapers. Our army had over 3,000 injuries and deaths. I'm glad all that happened to me was a broken leg it could have been much worse.Anyways by the time you get this letter I will almost be home to you and the kids. Don't worry about me I'm coming.



I am so relieved that he is ok. I am worried about his leg of him getting an infection or something worse happening. I have told the kids exactly what happened and they were worried and scared at first, but then they were glad he was ok and coming home. When I told my mom and dad they were glad he was coming, but worried how I was. Me, my mom, and dad are taking him to the finest doctor in town to make sure he doesn't get any infection at all.   


Today was a very depressing day our leader had been a assassinated. He was such a good president and war leader. He led us to a lot of victory. He died at Fords Theater by John Wicks Booth. It's so sad that after he won the civil war he was killed. By a so called famous actor who ended up being a spy.

We will never have a president like him. He won the Civil War he stopped all the battles that were occurring.He saved the United States from falling apart between the North and South. He is considered a hero to the North. There have never been a better president before him he is best anyone knows. Ever since the assassination they have been many newspaper headlines like, " The New York Herald" or " President Lincoln Shot."  

The next president will not compare to him. The new president could not stop and win a Civil War and its many battles in it. Abraham Lincoln died a true brave American hero. John Wilks Booth deserves whats coming for him and the people that were involved in his assassination. Now whats going to happen since he's gone will the south try to make a another war happen? Will they take over the North? I hope nothing like this happens; I wouldn't know what to do.  

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