Anne Frank's Sky

Zach Collier
Core 6

I think that Anne has this conversation with Peter to try and convince him that he needs a religion. She explains to him that she didn't care what kind of religion he had but she just wanted him to have one. An example of this would be,"I wish you had a religion, Peter,"(Pg.952). This clearly states that Anne would like for Peter to have a religion. Anne also talks to Peter about how she wants her life to be when the Holocaust ends. She wants to be able to take long walks and hang out with her friends like she used to. An example of this would be,"I think of myself on a walk in the park where I used to go with Pim,"(Pg. 951). This shows that Anne would like for everything to go back to normal after the Holocaust ends. She wants to be able to do all the things she did before it began. I chose this picture because she was also trying to explain to Peter that he should have a religion because there is a God that lives above the clouds. Also she was talking about how beautiful the sky was on that certain day. She talked about how she wished that everything would go back to normal so that she could spend time with friends and take walks when it's nice outside.

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