mLearning with K-12


In Module 7, we were asked to choose 5 different apps to support mLearning for students in grades K-12. Below I have provided my chosen 5 apps that I feel will support students' personal mobile learning and how they can be used to do so. These apps were found through the app store that can b accessed on devices made by Apple (such as the iPhone, iPad and MacBooks)

mLearning Apps

1. FlashToPass Math Flash Cards

What is it? It is an app that provides students with the opportunity to practice basic math equations on the go. It has a very simple and easy to read template and is perfect if they want become faster at basic math questions by using the timer that is within the app.

How can it be used? It can be used as another resource to drill math questions. Teachers can use this app in the classroom by replacing the activity "Mad Minute" with this app. Mad Minute is quite the intimidating activity because of the fact that everyone has to start and stop at the same time regardless of if they finished all the questions or not. Using this app, students can start whenever they want and keep track of their own times. They can also pick the types of questions, whether it is addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, they want to practice on as well.

2. Solar System Planets 3D

What is it? Solar System Planets 3D is an app that allows for the exploration of the planets within out solar system. It lets the user explore each planet and it also provides some basic information about the planet that the user has chosen

How can it be used? This app can be used as a supplement to a lesson about the solar system. It's a good resource for a teacher to use because it helps the students visualize the object they are learning about in 3D! This app also helps the students differentiate between each planet even more than a picture in 2D can as well.

3. CutieMelody

What is it? CutieMelody is an app that allows the user to explore the glockenspiel on a daily bases even if they don't have the actually instrument with them. It's an ideal app if the child is just starting elementary school and the parent/teacher want them to get more familiar with the instrument.

How can it be used? This can be a perfect resource to use if the teacher chooses to ask the students to practice a music piece at home. This app allows them to practice without having to buy the instrument.

4. Play Words

What is it? This is an app that includes three word games; Picture Blast, Word Match and Lost Letter. This is a very child pleasing game and can work amazingly as practice for spelling for a student that is beginning to learn about words.

How can it be used? In the classroom this can be implemented when students are given free time. It can be one of the resources available to the students to use. It's a great option not only for it's fun appeal through the animations and the idea of it being centred on games but also because it had educational benefits and exposed children to the idea that technology and games can be used for educational purposes.

5. Montessori Crosswords - teach and learn spelling with fun puzzles for children

What is it? This app is meant to help children improve their reading, writing and spelling skills. It is an ideal app for children in elementary to use and is very child friendly. It is a very popular app being used in the classroom today!

How can it be used? As mentioned before for "Play Words", this app can be used when children have free time. It can also be implemented into lesson plans as an activity all the children can do at one time if there are mobile devices available for all the students. It is a great alternative to just the basic crosswords being done on piece of paper.

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