Sabaton is music group from Sweden. They formed in 1999. After they have recorded a few songs in the studio Abyss, contacted the record company. Band decided to sign a contract with the Italian label, which released their promo-CD Fist For Fight - The cover created a renowned Ken Kelly (Manowar) - in order to support the following initiatives.Sabaton performed in Sweden, and after two years of waiting for the release of the album Metalizer, they decided to record another album. This time, however, decided to work on their own, without financial support from the record company.The band recorded a third album Primo Victoria and again began negotiating with several international record companies. Finally, the company signed to Black Lodge, metal division of Sound Pollution.

The fourth album, named Attero Dominatus on which continue the theme of war from the board Primo Victoria, was released in Europe on 28 July 2006. It includes songs such as "Back in Control" (a British attack during the War of the Falklands), "Attero Dominatus" (the Russian assault on Berlin, which ended World War II in Europe) or "Angels Calling" (a song about trench warfare first World war).

Sabaton released his new album April 30, 2008 under the title The Art of War. Album The Art Of War is inspired by the book of the same name, which was written in the 6th century BC Chinese general Sun Tzu. The songs were written by various chapters of the book The Art of War (tactics, movement, use of fire, etc). The motive of the war again, as with Sabaton normal. About the song "40:1" is about 720 Polish soldiers, who, in 1939 three days resisted the invasion of German forces, which consisted of 40,000 soldiers (hence the name 40:1), at the Battle of Wizna, "Talvisota" is about a failed Soviet invasion Finland, etc. Part of the song is also featured a female voice quoting passages from the book.

21st May 2010 released album Coat of Arms. As in previous albums here as well as the main motif occurs War.

3rd September 2010 came the album Coat of Arms first music video for the song Uprising, starring Peter Stormare was cast. 25th May 2011 came the album Coat of Arms video for the song Screaming Eagles.

here are members of Sabaton

Joakim Brodén - vocals

Pär Sundström - Bass

Thobbe Englund - Guitar

Chris Rörland - Guitar

Hannes Van Dahl - drums This is Sabaton official website.

Joakim Brodén
Everbody from Sabaton

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