What did I learn in this lab.

I learned that you need a lot of presser to fire a rubber stopper


What did you learn form this lab.

I learn that you can change color of paper if you sue the chemicals. On red paper it stays the same on green paper it turns black and on white paper it turns pink. The indicator changed the papers color because there is a powder that desolves in alcahal and it does not desolves in water.

Lab #3

I learned from this lab that doors have alot  bacteria.



What did you learn form this lab.

I learned that dead frogs smell really bad and it is hard to get into a frog skull. Frogs eat beetles

Lab #6

What I learned.

I learned that salt is better to grow crystals than surger.

Lab #7 - plant lab

I seen other people flood there plant and people dried out there plant over three days . I used a 710ml  pop bottle and put three holes on the cap.


What I learned

I learned from this lab some house hold cleaning supplies are more harmful than people expected. Acetone eats the egg white's protein. Mr.Clean makes the egg white green and it eats the Mr.Clean eats the protein of the egg white. The soap makes the egg white bubble up.


What I learned

I learned from this lab was if you put an egg in vinegar it feels like rubber and it does not bounce.

412 HP and 390 ft. lbs of torque

Lab#10-microscope lab

Lab#11-electrical circuits

electrons run through the wires and the lights are the resisters making light and if the switch is up is stops the electrons from passing through to make light.

Lab #12 - Agar lab

Agar is a powder that hardens if you boil water and put it in a fridge for awhile.

Lab #13 -elephant tooth paste

It bubbles up a little bit over the top then it turns into a liquid substance in about 1-2 minutes.

items used to make it

yeast, red food coloring, warm water , dish soap and hydrogen peroxide   

Lab #14 - house circuit

you can tell a parallel if you unscrew the front light bulb if it turns off then something went wrong if it stays alight then it is right.

Lab #16 -sugar in pop

what i learned from this lab was

there is a lot of sugar in 100ml of complments orange soda and little bit of sugar in complment ginger ale.

Lab #17 -milk glue

what i learned was

If you put 40ml of vinegar in 250ml of milk it will make chunks.

items used

250ml of milk, 40ml of vinegar and cheese cloth with a rubber band.

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