Image 1, Hitler  building-up and training his military, to strengthen Germany and enforce racism among the Jews.

Final Solution

From the time Hitler took over power in 1933, he wanted to protect and honor Germans, and blame and form racism with the Jews. Hitler considered Jews the enemy, even though they only made up about 1% of Germany's overall population. Adolf Hitler, the Nazi leaders and the bureaucratic came up with a never end series of discriminating laws for Jews to follow. On sept 14, the night before the Reichstag's session, the Nazi legal officials gave Hitler 4 drafts of the new law, Hitler chose the 4th draft. That was applied to only full-blooded Jews. The law was devised to take away the confusion of who was a full-blooded Jew.  The Nuremburg law defined a full-blooded Jew. as a person with at least 3 Jewish grand parents. These laws deprived Jews of citizenship, prohibiting marriage and sexually relationship to non-jews, prohibiting jews from having maids and having a national flag. When the laws were broken, the jews were arrested, imprisoned,made to dig their own grave and work doing hard labor. Hitlers plan was to discard the jewish people.

1st: Hitler with the blood of many Jews dripping off his hand.

2nd: Jews  bowing down to the heavy laws the German's put over them.

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