Exodus Blog #1

Mara by Ryan Smith

The main character is Mara, a girl in her teens who lives on a island in a village in the middle of the ocean because all the ice glaciers have melted. She is believable because it doesn't seem like something she would make up. global warming is very real and the capes are welting. its like a glimpse into the future of what could happen if we don't change our ways. I can connect with the character because i know it can be hard to convince someone the relating of a situation. Like the situation Mara is facing trying to convince her parents the sea levels are rising and the island they live on is going to be flooded. the difference about Mara from everyone else is she believes in the New World cities and she has open her eyes to see that the sea's aren't going to stop rising. She's starting to take off the blind fold and see if they don't get off the island they will all be doomed. A quote from the book that makes Mara interesting is she says "outside? Can i go outside? Can I?" Her saying that shows she wants to be outside being active and enjoying the sun any chance she gets. Another quote she says is "I don't think I do either. I wish I did. That sea is rising and rising and nothing's going to stop it. We can't just barricade ourselves up and hope that something will save us. We have to act." She's a curious mind and wants to know what else is beyond the island. She's adversest to find these New World cities. I think Gail will great problems for Mara in the future. She doesn't want to believe the sea is rising and disagrees with Mara's ideas an example of this is Gail says "Evan if its true and its not," she insists, "we couldn't just launch out on the ocean and hope we come across one of there New World cities. I don't believe they exist. It's too incredible. It'll be some film Tain watched on, um, tele-what's-it."

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