Flipped Classroom

Flip ~ concerns; learning vs classroom; classroom - process of recreating the traditional classroom so first exposure to material happens outside of the class; reserving class time for more hands-on student centered learning; learning - outcome creates more engaged and independent students who take ownership of learning; flipped learning.org;

make a video "Why am I flipping?"; send email, tweet or other, on website; train them how to learn; define what happens if they don't watch the videos; need accountability for watching video (make a cartoon, google form, etc.) ; don't have videos every single night; round rock flipped classroom - youtube - intro

Making video - add questions; games, riddles, etc, make them excited; put a surprise in the video; experiment & innovate, you can add whatever you want; storyboard 1st; storyboardthat.com; content to add: website; image, presentation, articles

domoanimate; voki; powtoon; screenshot;

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