1984 Project, Mr. Vangorp English 12

Totalitarianism is when the government controls everybody and everything. Some questions I had were:

1. why can't the people over power the government?

2. how does totalitarianism occur?

3. why dont other countries help?

1. People dont revolt simply because they are scared. They dont want to deal with the consequences of revolting.

2. One way totalitarianism starts is people have to find a leader who they follow blindly. People have to find someone who is just such a good leader it doesnt matter what they say people will agree with it.

3. Other countries dont help probably because they cant compete with their military, and they would just be setting up their country for disaster if they challenged the totalitarian society.


A totalitarian style of government is obviously not a good thing mainly for the people under the system but also for some of the people in charge. This style of government is a lose-lose situation, because the people dont want the government watching their every move, and it would also lead to a failing economy for the people in charge.

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