Peculiar #2

Peculiar Historical Features

Name William Watson born August 88 die January 2012.

Peculiar is govern by a mayor since the first day of peculiar.

Peculiar was established in 1868 because someone said that "we don't care what name you give us just something short of peculiar" that's how peculiar got its name.   

Peculiar's Attractions

One of the Attractions in peculiar are the golf and learning center.

The belton Museum Tells you everything about the past in peculiar, Harrison and of course belton

The movie theater in belton is really cool you can have stuff you dont have a other theather.

The railroad in belton lets you ride on a train near the highway and see train that dont move anymore.

Peculiar Physical Features.

Harper lake is a great place to fish and probably swim.

The population of peculiar is 2,604 if you want it to be more come and visit it.