Centennial Break

I've experienced tons of things this centennial break since we visited Baguio, La Union & Laguna with my family. Not to mention our centennial celebration in Bocaue Bulacan.

The last time I went to Baguio was when I was 9 years old, so I didn't really care about the things I would discover back then. So this was the right time and age where I could really savor the aura of it. And I admit, it was my first time enjoying our trip to Baguio and even our trip to La Union and Laguna.

July 26, 2014

I fell asleep on our way to Bocaue, Bulacan so I couldn't really tell if our trip was smooth or not. Excitement filled my stomach even though we didn't have tickets to go inside the Arena. We set up our tent and tried to find some food stalls in case we get hungry. I wasn't used to crowded places so I felt dizzy and tried to conquer my uneasiness. My cousins and I went back to our tent and I could feel my asthma occurring. Things just got worse for me, it rained, and I could feel the inside of our tent becoming moist. I was uncomfortable with the feeling that I just stayed outside, good thing we have a big tarpaulin to shield us from the rain. My eyes got irritated because of my uneasiness.

When it was finally night time, I decided to go to the bathroom since I couldn't hold it anymore. Honestly, when I saw the portalets parang mas ok na sakin yung magc.r sa ilog XD nakakadiri talaga </3 sobrang kalat. It was my first time to try the portalet, hindi na po talaga ako humihinga nung nasa loob na ko </3 I came out immediately.

When I came out, the fireworks began and we hurried back to our tent to watch it. It was very beautiful, the crowd cheering gave me shivers. 'Worth it na yung pagpunta ko sa poralet, maganda naman yung fireworks' sabi ko sa sarili ko. After the phyromusical I tried to sleep, but it was too cold so I couldn't. It was my first time 'camping' so I was really happy even if I felt uncomfortable. We got up at 4am, my eyes were so irritated that it became red. But it was okay, because I got to see Ka Eduardo Manalo in person, and I felt shivers on my spine. The special worship service was very grand. I felt so blessed. I thank God for the experience and His unlimited blessings. To God be the glory.