induskills and characteristics you need to work in the IT industry

industry specific:

The technical knowledge you will need to be a website designer is HTML, XML, ASP, D HTML,

The working procedures that you would follow in IT job are keeping your password safe and secure, changing your password at regular intervals, backing up your work on a hard-drive.

The health and safety issues might you come across are any food or drink cause a fire. The drink could be knock over spilling onto the wires and then they explored. If your chair is not high enough then over a long period of time it will strain your neck and then over an extremely long period of time, your next will snap off and you will die.You can trip over wires on the flood bush your head.

The interpersonal skills will you need are following instructions, communicating, being sociable, working with others, going to  meetings.

The  planning skills will you need are being organised,meeting deadlines,breaking down tasks, team working skills.

The numeric skills will you need are basic maths, percentages, working with formulas.

The creativity skills will you need are brainstorming, ideas creation, problem solving.

The attitudes will be preferred are determined, independent, integrity, tolerant, dependable, leadership, confidence, self-motivation.

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