Schedules of Reinforcement

by Ian Chivers & Carter Luckenbaugh

Fixed-ratio Schedule

Example #1- You get $300 a week from your company

Reinforcer- your job

Example #2- Your income tax monthly

Reinforcer- the tax percentage

Variable Ratio Schedule
Example #1- You pay a different amount of money each month because you use different amounts of electricity per month

Reinforcer- getting the electricity

Example #2: The temperature on Monday is 45 degrees Fahrenheit and on Tuesday it drops to 38 degrees Fahrenheit

Reinforcer- temperature

Fixed-interval Schedule
Example #1- you go to each class at school the same time every day

Reinforcer- school schedule

Example #2- Lunch last from 12:50-1:20 every day during the week day

Reinforcer- school

Variable-interval Schedule
Example #1- The sun comes up at a slightly different time every morning

Reinforcer- the sun

Example #2- Betsy brushes her teeth every morning but the time varies by about 10 minutes each day

Reinforcer- the person

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