Music gives you a wing 🎶 Love gives you another ❤️ Fly away now 👼

Born Francisco Visconti, it wasn't until the age of seven (7) in which I got influenced by artist like Michael Jackson, and Britney Spears to start my following my musical dreams. Shortly after I began singing, my true passion. I joined festivals, choirs, talent shows, and always used the opportunity to follow my dream and express what I had to.

After having grown both in music and experience, and having attended Berklee College of Music, and Musician's Institute, I discovered a new passion, EDM (electronic dance music.) With it came my interest in producing, singing on my own tracks, and also mixing.

I dont wanna be seen as an artist who has been influenced by any, but more as an artist on my own, with a unique style and mind, Im sure I'll make you dance... just letting you know I GO HARD!

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