Ronnie C. Wright
Citizen Journalist

Self-Improvement journalism

Ronnie C. Wright coined and defined the concept of self-improvement journalism (also known as "roll" short for: reality offering life lessons) as one of the first writers for the Bleacher Report. "Self-improvement journalism is based on playing a real role in the process of analyzing, broadcasting and collecting news and information as a reporter." -RCW

Founder of self-improvement journalism Ronnie C. Wright (January 22nd) is an award-winning writer, editor, poet, photographer, inventor, filmmaker, philanthropist, amateur sportsman and friend to many. He is inspired by his childhood hero George Plimpton.

Ronnie as he prefers to be called is the founder of the influential Stayfine University for Self-Improvement where he works as a lecturer.

Aside from his work at Stayfine University, Ronnie is the author of 17 books: including The 7 Layers of Tim Tebow based on his articles as one of the first writers for the famed Bleacher Report. He hangs out with stars and athletes participating in their arena and reporting on it for some of the most noted magazines in the world.

His upcoming books are titled: EVERYBODY IS HERE; and, DAYS ON THE LAWN.

The 7 Layers of Tim Tebow: An Invitation To Fine Fitness 'A Diet For Life' (Volume 1)

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