Thermodynamic, has several different types of matter the most important of these is heat. Heat is a difference in temperature between 2 different systems. Heat is conserved it cannot be destroyed or created however it can be transferred from point A to point B. heat can be converted into or from.

Heat is measured by the speed of the atoms and molecules moving and the area of heat is measured by the number of atoms and molecules .

temperatures increase by the faster that atoms move around.

there are 3 different types of temperature scales 1. Celsius 2. Fahrenheit 3. Kelvin we are all knowledge able of the first 2 but Kelvin isn't used everyday but it is a complete scale from exact 0 all the way to the Planck temperature Im going to explain exact 0 and Planck and some others in between. 0 K is -273.15 C the human body temperature 98 F 36 C or a crazy 309.15 K now yes its sort of like the difference between Fahrenheit and Celsius just at a greater scale.

science has many predictions with temperatures and the interactions with different materials like copper melts at 1 085 C or 1 358.15 K.

but the Planck temperature is a very weird because science can predict and lead everything from 0 all the way to .1 degree before Planck but scientists say that at the Planck temperature the nucleolus of atoms start to melt. Planck temperature is approximately 1.41*10 to the power of 32 which is 141 nonillion 141,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 K

Heat Transfer and Thermal Conductivity

These 2 come hand in hand Heat transfer is the speed and amount of energy it takes to heat up that object and Thermal Conductivity is the amount of heat that can move from one object to another and how fast it moves threw the object .

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