Post Traumatic Stress Disorder



  • Post Traumatic Stress Disorder- A mental condition caused by experiencing or seeing a terrifying event.
  • About 7.8 percent of Americans between the ages 18 to 54 suffer from PTSD.
  • People suffering from PTSD might avoid things from the trauma and they may have increased anxiety and changing emotions.
  • Family therapy, medication and trauma focused cognitive behavior therapy can be used for PTSD treatment People suffering from PTSD can talk about it to the therapist.
  • Their families can help by communicating better.Support groups vet center that offer free counseling to them out they family, hospitals set up trauma patients.
  • ( - What resources are available to help gain knowledge about PTSD
  • ( -How many people are affected by PTSD
  • ( - How can someone tell if they have PTSD
1 in 3 returning troops are being diagnosed with serious PTSD symptoms. Less than 40% will seek help.

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