Jennifer Capriati

Biography Project for Mrs. Hemry's 8th grade Language Arts class
Made by H. F. 6th Hour

Jennifer Capriati was born on March 29, 1976 in New York City.

Significant Events in History that Affected Jennifer's Life

  • Elected into the hall of fame.
  • Charged for stalking and breaking and entering
  • Gold medal in the olympics

Jennifer's Childhood

As a young child, Jennifer had very good grades. She came home everyday did her homework and then went outside for the rest of the afternoon and played tennis against her garage. Her mom had to come outside and take her equitment out of her hand in order for her to come inside.

People Who Influenced Jennifer's Life

  • Denise Capriati (Jennifer's Mother)- Always was there for her daughter. Gave her everything she needed for Tennis.
  • Stephano Capriati (Jennifer's Dad)- Was her coach when she was younger.
  • Jimmy Evert (Jennifer's First Coach)- Got Jennifer to start taking Tennis seriously. She became more successful because of him. He entered her in more competitive tournaments.

Unique Facts

  • Jennifer started playing tennis at the age of 13.
  • Had to take a 14 month break from tennis because of an injury.
  • Won 6 titles between 1990-1993


  1. World Junior Tennis Player of the year. (1989)
  2. Youngest ever to win the French Open title.
  3. Gold medal in the Olympics.
  4. E.P.S.Y. Best comeback athlete.
  5. Best comeback athlete after an ingury

Jennifer's Life

Jennifer Capriati worked her hardest at every moment she could. Her hard work payed off with an Olympic Gold Medal. She retired playing Tennis after her life started going downhill in 2004.

Jennifer's words of advice and what she has taught me...

  • Don't worry about losing everyone loses.
  • Most of the time my coach is more like my best friend.
  • I like to tell myself go on to the next tournament and do my best because if I think to much I lose.

I never realized how hard some of these proffesional athletes worked until i read this biography. She tought me that if I try my hardest and put 110% into it I can become an amazing athlete just like her.

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