Communicable Disease:
Pink Eye

By: Delaney Cavanaugh

What is Pink Eye?

Pink eye is when your outer layer of your eyeball and your inner layer of your eye lid is inflamed.

History on Pink Eye:

Another name for Pink eye is Madras. This name is said to come from the city it was founded in. A former superintendent , Kirk Patrick, from an institute in Madras in India was the one to find what caused pink eye and to successfully diagnose the communicable disease. Another name for pink eye is Conjunctivitis.

Signs/Symptoms of Pink Eye:

Well the main symptom is the appearance of your eye having a pink tint too it. But some other symptoms include:

- Watery, Itchy eyes

- Sensitive to light

- Greenish or yellow eye discharge that can sometimes cause your eyes to stick together when waking up

- Possibly have a runny nose


Sometimes your pink eye will go away on it's own with in a week, but until then to reduce your symptoms you can get a cold wet washcloth and apply it to your eye(s) several times a day. If you have a worse case of pink eye the doctor will often prescribe antibiotic eye drops or ointment to put on or in your eye.


- Wash your hands with water and soap often

- Avoid touching or rubbing your eyes

- Avoid sharing blankets, pillows, or articles of clothing

- Avoid sharing makeup, eye glasses, or contact lenses

- (If infected) avoid swimming in swimming pools


So overall the pink eye disease is very contagious but curable. It is not a life or death thing and is able to get rid of. If you would like to learn more about pink eye in even more detail, you can check out my links below!

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