My Favorite Season

By: Chase, Clarke

My favorite season, has the fresh smell of flowers and a strong refreshing smells of valley’s, and great plains, there is also a very strong fish like smell when it rains, but it only on occasion.

My favorite season, has the looks of a bright blue sky and the most greenest grass you’ll ever see in the year, flowers start blooming tree’s are as healthy as ever can be, but when it gets rainy its just a awful and sad settings, but thats not it, you’ll probably see a lot and a lot of crops everywhere because it farming/planting season.

My favorite season, has the tastes of sweet sweet chocolate and never seems to fail to fill my stomach and has the greatest taste of peeps with some jelly beans, but it doesn’t end there, it ends with the awesome flavor of a shamrock shake!

If you haven’t guessed yet I’ll give you one last chance this is time to drop the books throw homework away and hit the pool. I hope you guessed by now because, thats it. THANKS FOR READING!

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