Brown vs. The Board of Education,
Topeka, Kansas

Linda Brown was just 7-years-old when she became an activist for civil rights.


Create a Google Doc titled "Brown vs. Board - your name" and share it with me.  In the document, create a heading titled "Photo Analysis."  Under the heading, write a constructed response to the question above.  Remember to restate the question with your answer, cite evidence from the photo and/or article and explain how it supports your answer, and summarize your point of view.


View the short video flashback of the Brown case.  Pay particular attention to Leonard Nimoy's (the news man) statement at the end of the clip.  In the same Google Doc as your previous response, create a headline titled "Response to Leonard Nimoy."

Write a one to two-paragraph analysis of Nimoy's final statement.  Do you think what he says is true or not?  Cite evidence from the article and current world events to provide support for your views.