the point guard

when the presence of Ross, the ball mainly in the hands of Ross, and Ross virtue of their fast start and highly penetrating breakthroughs often able to reach the other side for the first time hinterland, even encounter prevent sticking, nike free trainer 3.0 men's training shoe Ross also use empty when Tupofenqiu, create scoring opportunities for the perimeter players. But this season, this situation is quite rare. Currently most accustomed to the Bulls game, and that is a point guard with a simple pick and roll forming Noah

then pulled jump shots or empty when further break layup, of course, the point guard Shihai feel good to say, once feel bad then bulls trouble may come. During the regular season, the Bulls shooting overall rate of 43.2%,  cheap nike blazers the lowest in the league; and the two-point shot with Trey hits apart, the bull is only 45.6% (bottom first) and 34.8% (the penultimate seven), so the Bulls on the offensive side of the weakness, really is not able to correct it in one or two days.


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