Using Targeted Marketing to Your Advantage

No matter your line of business or hobby, there are tools of the trade. If you are a fisherman, there are specific types of bait that work well on some types of fish. Golfers use specific clubs to cater to the needs of the game. Software engineers use software specific to the type of application they want to come up with.

When it comes to marketing, a one-size-fits-all approach does not fly. Trying to sell to everyone really doesn’t bring the kind of results you want. It makes choosing a marketing medium to employ burdensome and time consuming. And after all your efforts, the content doesn’t appeal. When you try to cater to everyone, no one is impressed.

Narrow down audience

When you narrow down the audience and come up with a specific target, it becomes easier to communicate to their needs. They will also be more likely to respond because you are speaking to the specific needs in a language they understand.

You cannot come up with an effective marketing strategy if you don’t have a target market in mind. In today’s business market, being vague does not sell. If your customer has to spend time figuring out if you are the answer to their prayers, you’ll probably lose the sale. They’ll rather move on to your competitor’s website because he communicated clearly that his business was the perfect solution.

Take a moment to think about the persona of your frequent buyer. Know her name, income, challenge, and age. When you are trying to come up with marketing content, ask yourself what would appeal to them.

An attorney and consultant on government relations for the past two decades, Juleigh Sitton knows how important it is for business owners to appeal to a target audience for success.

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