Article 1... We All Deserve To Be Equal

In The past we had multiple forms of slavery only because of who they are or what they do... 2 examples are the enslaving of the blacks and the enslaving of the Jewish people. With slavery, a multitude of people were enslaved, and there were many that committed the violation, they did it because it allowed them to get more good produced at a faster rate and they didn't have to pay them to do so. With the enslaving of the Jews, Hitler and his Nazi/Aryan race enslaved/killed Jews in concentration camps because they just simply hated the Jewish people, their goal was to attempt to exterminate the Jewish race. In current days, we have people who just enslave others just for the fun of it or because they simply don't like them...

Back to what was written above, there are ways that people like you and I can help in situations like this... For slavery, people have tried to prevent or end this violation by ruling it illegal in many, or almost all countries so that slavery will no longer happen. There was a global response, like people protesting or not doing their work or trying to run away, protests worked, not doing their work never worked out in the long run, and trying to run away rarely worked because there were always guards watching so none would escape. With the enslaving of the Jews, the Americans found where they were being held and broke them out, there was a global response, for example…. people wanting to know what it was like, why they did it, and how they kept it hidden for so long. Lots of these responses have been effective.

There are many forms of slavery. There is Forced Labor, Bonded Labor or Debt Labor, Sex Slavery, Child Slavery, and Domestic Servitude....

Here are locations where slavery is currently going on...

Slavery is an excellent example of a violation of Article 1 in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights because Article 1 states that all humans are born being free and equal in dignity and rights. Of course there are lots of other ways this article can be violated but lets stick with slavery. Not many people can describe what Human Rights are in easy terms and some can't even describe them in any way. But I think we can all agree that slavery is a violation and it obviously isn't right. To me..., to have human rights is to be equal, to not be judged by what you look like, your sexual preference, your ethnicity, etc. I believe that we all deserve to be treated like everybody else in the world, like we are all cared about, that we have meaning to our life...

We all deserve to be happy in life, to be filled with Joy... Just like the people in the pictures below :)

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