Ryan Michael Kuhn of West Palm Beach - Beer Tasting Party

A native of West Palm Beach, Florida, Ryan Michael Kuhn West Palm Beach made the move to Ithaca, New York to pursue his degrees in Applied Economics and Business Management. With this foundation he, in 2014 became the manager of International Craft Beers Distributors LLC, a company which provides small brewers to place their product on the market.

Craft beer is a growing market and the American craft brewer is often small, independent and traditional. This can work tremendously in their favour as in addition to their regular brew, they often brew a special, seasonal beer, which if it becomes popular, will have their customers coming back for more. Larger and more commercial beer companies cannot do this as often as microbreweries can, so this is one advantage that craft beer has over its larger more commercial competition.

As summer approaches, there are many fun activities that people can do to keep themselves occupied and having a beer tasting party is one of them.

Set the scene

For parties, the setup is everything. For beer tasting, you don’t need to go fancy but you have to be mindful of the design. Simplistic is best, name plates and a notebook for making notes are encouraged but not required. You should however have food on the table that will complement the beer being served.

Food to be served

Gourmet cheeses, nuts, fruits and crackers will most definitely be a hit and tend to complement most types of beer very well. Be sure to do your research on what food goes well with the type of beer being served.

Serving the beer

Purchase a growler! These half gallon jugs are microbrewery’s solution to transporting large quantities of beer off tap. They are also stylish and can blend in as part of your decoration or table centerpiece. Ensure to get about five or six craft varieties.

With these tips you are now equipped to plan your first successful beer tasting party. All you need to do now is to get your invites out!

Best States for Craft Beer

Craft beer has made a surge in popularity in the best 20 years and has become the beer of choice for many young drinkers. The rise of craft beer coincides the rise and increasing popularity of microbreweries and brewpubs he brews their homemade beer. Slowly but surely almost every state in the nation has at least one prominent craft beer breweries. Here are the top three states for craft beer.

1. Colorado

Colorado lives and breathes craft beer. They have New Belgium, which is making a huge national impact, and Oskar Blues, the first craft beer that became popular in a can. There are many others besides those two. Boulder boasts a number of breweries that are incredibly well regarded in the state, including Boulder Brewing Company. Left Hand Brewery is another phenomenal craft beer brewery. If none of these appeal to you, you can poke your head into the dozens of brewpubs in every town in the state.

2. California

California comes ahead of Colorado because they boast the second largest beer city in the country, San Diego. The state offers other phenomenal options such as Anchor, Lagunitas, and Sierra Nevada.

3. Oregon

Portland is the craft beer capital of the world. The city is famous for its plethora of breweries and brew houses. The streets are littered with different beer options, all of which are excellent places to frequent. The quality of the beer helps.

Ryan Michael Kuhn of West Palm is currently the manager of International Craft Beer Distribution LLC. He is a craft beer aficionado and enjoys every moment of being in a job where he works with something he loves.

Cornell Football Team Seasons 2004 and 2005

Cornell University is one of the oldest Universities in the country. The same goes for their football team. In 1869, a year after the educational institute was founded, the schools football team played their first game. Since that first game, the school has won three Ivy League Conference championships and gone unbeaten five times, all of those seasons ended with National Championships.

Cornell has not been able to replicate the success of recent years, but they have had some success. In 2005, they beat Penn for the first time since 1999. They won that game 16-7 with their quarterback throwing for a touchdown and rushing for another one. 2004 saw the lay the ground works for 2005. In 2004, they improved on the overall record and were one game away from finishing level at .500. In 2005, they took their season to another level by finishing with a winning season for the first time since 1999, ending the season with a 6-4.

Ryan Michael Kuhn of West Palm Beach is a graduate of Cornell University. He graduated with a degree in Applied Economics and Management. During his time at Cornell, he played for the school football team where he was the starting quarterback during his junior and senior seasons. He is one of the 11 quarterbacks in NCAA history to post 1,000 yards passing and rushing in the same season. He amassed a 9-6 win/loss record as the school's starting quarterback. He is currently the manager of International Craft Beer Distribution LLC.

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