The Bear- By: William Faulkner

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Every year, one notorious bear reigns in the woods. He kills livestock while people try to kill him but they fail. Dogs try to sniff the trail of the bear but they too fail. Through all adversity of coming up empty throughout the years, there are two brave souls named Sam and Ike. Sam who is the son of a Chickasaw chief and a negro slave, teaches Ike how to hunt like an Indian and to respect the land. They decide to take on the task of hunting and killing Old Ben, the elusive bear. Sam tames a wild dog and they go out on the hunt with a search party. Will they kill the bear or will they get killed?

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I would rate this book a 8/10 . It was a bit hard to follow at some points but overall it was extremely entertaining and fun to read. I liked this book mostly because it had a really good plot and it kept you guessing what would happen next and that is what I look for in a book. If I can guess what will happen the next chapter and I am right, that book is not very fun to read. However this book kept me on my toes and had me not knowing what was going to happen every chapter. That is why I really liked this book.

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"But not the old bear, although by now he knew its footprints better than he did his own, and not only the crooked one. He could see any one of the three sound ones and distinguish it from any other, and not only by its size. There were other bears within these thirty miles which left tracks almost as large, but this was more than that."

This quote explains how well known the bear was know to not just to Ike but to all of the people that try to kill Old Ben. Old Ben was bigger than all of the bears in the region and people knew that and that is why it was so hard to kill him.  

Excerpt From The Bear

By: Ryan Skadra

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