Ryan Verra

Driven to Research Partner

About Ryan Verra

Accomplished Pro race car driver Ryan Verra is a racer for the USF2000 National Championship sponsored by IndyCar. After finishing second in the championship race during his rookie year, Ryan Verra experienced continued success including 12 podiums, one pole position, two fastest laps, and two wins.

Also committed to philanthropic causes, Verra is one of the primary partners for the Driven to Research program sponsored by the Cancer Research Society. Verra’s group, Verrasport, announced its partnership with the Driven to Research program in 2013. Founded in Canada, the program raises money for cancer research with the help of its donors. The Driven to Research program was inspired by a friend of Verra’s after her mother was diagnosed with cancer.

Verra also serves as a mentor for children in USF2000 National Championship cities in which he races. Further, he supports various charitable efforts in the United States and Canada, and he helped rebuild Calgary homes after the city’s flood disaster in 2013.

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