Wonder  Character in the  Spotlight:  Jack  by Ryan COLLINS.

Character's  THEME

Jack's theme is loyalty. Ever since they were friends "again" Jack has shone a lot of loyalty to August. He has also took some punches for him during a fight . August has also has shone lots of loyalty to Jack to. Don't think August won't show any loyalty to Jack They are the two best friends. Jack will stand up for himself and August.

Character Influence

I think both Jack and August have the biggest impact on each other. They are both best friends and will do anything for each other. Jack seems to be one of five only people that doesn't mine his face. August is about one of  five people that is Jack's friend.

Art  Representation

The artist  who made this painting is named John Atkinson Grimshaw and it is titled Stapleton Park near Pontefrastsun.This reminds me of Jack because in the picture this looks like he was throne out or kicked out of his home and has to start over and start a new life. That happened with Jack but it was friends he needed to look for. And at the end hopefully every thing will be okay.

Character analysis