Boombox Crew

turn down for what?

That one at the back. In the center of Samira's proportionate boombox held arms. Suhasini, it was her birthday and we had all come out for a "morning chill scene" to the gk2 wala park.

It was the birthdays of two of my best friends on consecutive days and this was the first ticked off the list. I made it a surprise, and turned the chai sutta breakfast of just the two of us to a twister-tabboo-butt-in-the-face morning.

This was a happy lot walking with the Bose speakers held high. Samira Bose just happened to hold it.

On a sunday morning, noon time, a bunch of stephanians blare "Turn down for what?" all the way to the market. It felt gangsta.

At 24\7, this wavy haired boy and the birthday retard decide to make faces through the glass window trying to scare away the "throat-cancer kid". It was mean, but that kid was a bully. He didn't mind the morning ridicule as he responded with the same.

"Was pretty fun wasn't it?" perched on my haunches in my one-month new house, drinking tea with that kettle-shirt boy.

"It was. She smiled a lot."

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