Schlitterbahn New Branfels

Are you tired from work and want a break? Or maybe you're sick of school and need to get your mind off of things? Maybe you simply just want a vacation? Well, either way Schlitterbahn is your place to go! :) Come join us in the fun and splash right on in!  

by  Halle Berry


The most famous ride is the master blaster. It's six stories tall and well over 1,000 feet long! It's been voted the best ride in the USA over and over! There is also the Skycoaster. You go soaring through the air 42" off the ground! There are more exciting rides too! Are you a dare devil?

Here's a whole map of the water park. There's so many ways to beat the heat.  :)

Need a Place to stay? We have your back. There's an amazing resort to stay in. It has been described as a really nice place to relax. It's located at 305 W Austin St, New Braunfels,Texas 78130

Craving sea food and steaks? Clear Springs is the restaurant to go! Or maybe you want to relax at the hotel? That's okay! Clear Springs has to food on the go. Just call (830) 629-3775

located at 1692 S state highway 46

create unreplaceable memories and plan your trip now!

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