Come to Mesopotamia!

the land of Mesopotamia


Mesopotamia is located between the Tigris and Euphrates river. Some of the cities in Mesopotamia are the city of U.R, Uruk, Nipper, Umma, Thebes, and lots more. Some of are famous attractions are the Red sea the Persian Gulf  the Zagros Mountains The  Arabian Desert And the Mediterranean sea with lots more here in Mesopotamia. We have lots to see with more to come.

The City Of U.R

I think you should move to the city of U.R the city of U.R has many great things that have been invented like the wheel. We have more to come with inventions. You should come to the city of U.R because we have the Ziggurat. The Ziggurt is one of are temples that we have that people like to come and see. However these things are allover Mesopotamia not just U.r.

Advantages Of Living In

Some of the advantages of living here in Mesopotamia is are great inventions like the wheel the levee and the plow. We have also created the sundial there are now 60 minutes in one hour. So the many great people living in Mesopotamia get to see and use the inventions before anybody else! Here in Mesopotamia we love trading here in Mesopotamia trading is the business of buying and selling or exchanging items and we have are clay tablet. With are Clay tablet we have a highly developed system of communicating through are written language cuneiform. Government has a big part here. We all want to be safe and are first king ever of Mesopotamia is king Sargon with the Akkadians. They were the first empires of Mesopotamia I think that you should come here to Mesopotamia!

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