how was it in the french revolution. it was difficult because we had to stay in the house for a while and we were  running out of supplies.

how did you feel about that. it was sad for me because my father was in the war.

how hard was it for you to survive. it was very hard for us to survive because we Running out survival stuff                                                                                                                                    how many times did you think you were going to die. a couple times because of the way we had to go get food and water.

how did your family do in this. they felt depressed because they did not know what to do about if we loses

how will you survive if it happens again well you ready for it. yes i will be ready for it because i have experience.

how do you feel now. i feel great because i have no stress no more because i am in a new house with 2 kids

what will you do now. i will work and spend time with my family