Who are the main opponants?

The main opponants in Afghanistan would be the Taliban wh has weakend the incubent government and take over Kabul. They have enforced the most extreme version of the Sharia law. These laws include strict policies including wearing a burqa and not being allowed to leave the house without a male accompany. Im some areas, they have banned dancing and music.

Any other countries involved or concerned?  

One country that would be involved and/or concerned would be the United States especially after the 9/11 attack. This then led to the search for Osama Bin Laden who the U. S. believed launched the attack.

How is this conflict being conducted?

This conflict is being conducted by first having the attack on the world trade center. we th launched a series of attaches on alleged bases under Taliban control. This later leading to a war within afghanistan.

What was the cause of the Conflict?

The cause of this conflict was the Taliban taking over the government of Afghanistan and trying to take over the citizens by enforcing atrict laws and telling them the way that they live their lifestyles. The U. S. saw what was going on and decided to intervein for the sakeof the people.

What efforts are beig taken non-violently?

There are not many ways that the U. S. is non-violently trying to solve this problem besides telling the people of Afghanistan to try and take control of the way that they live. For example by telling them that they are not required to wear burqas but are able to if they would like to.


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