Jordan Courtney  GT  2014-2015

Before the city was polluted
The city after it was polluted.

As you can see in the second photo, the city is very filthy. This is what most likely is happening to your city. You can come up with different ideas to stop most of the pollution in your city.

The Green Roof Tower

Our Green Roof Tower stood very well and absorbed all of the water. Although the tower leaned over to one side a little, it still stood strong.

Permeable Pavement

When we were making our own permeable pavement, it took a little while to see what materials were needed and what materials didn't have to be in the construction. It was hard to try and figure out where the holes would have to be in order for the walking toy to pass over our pavement without walking in circles and without falling.

The inside of our permeable pavement.
Our finished permeable pavement is finished.

Keeping the River Clean

This is when we had to find a way to bring all of our learning together and find a way to keep the river clean. We ended up putting up a barrier all around the city. The. We put tape down to capture the loose debris that would be strewn across the board. After all of our work, with only a few seconds to go, one of our corners started to leak. Overall, we did a great job.

Our city before being polluted.
Our city after being polluted.


I think that the most important green technology there is would have to be the permeable pavement. It absorbs storm water into concrete. If we have more side-walks like this, we wouldn't have so much debris flowing through our city. There are other things that would be important to our city.

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