Welcome To My Life

Hello Martians, Today you will be learning to live like me. Monday through Friday you will wake up at 6:30 in the morning you will brush your teeth with a toothbrush. A toothbrush is a plastic stick with rough hair like things on it, after you brush your teeth you ill put your make up on make up makes you look super cute. When you're finished you will put on your school clothes, the clothes are on the bed where you sleep. Next you will do your hair with a brush a brush looks just like a toothbrush except its wider. After you finish all of that you will drive to school. Directions to school is to go out of the drive way take a right then another right merge left, keep straight until you see a sign for exit 287 take that exit then keep straight until you see ensign road when you get there turn right  stay on that road until you see "Ennis High School" on your left. School starts at 8:30am you have three classes then go to lunch come back and take two more classes then go to athletics when school is over drive home the same way you drove to school except you will take exit FM 1182  go over the bridge then turn right.when you get home you will do your homework , eat dinner, go to sleep, and repeat the next morning. On the weekends you just wake up at anytime and get ready for the day.

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