Dwarf Planets

A dwarf planet is a planet that is considered to be to small to be or have planet characteristics. I am talking about Ceres,Right now NASA is sending Dawn out to see more of Ceres.It got its name from a Roman Goddess, and she would hang by old temples .It is made up of ice and water, and it has a rocky inner core.Now in the picture NASA found what they think is a icy volcano that is interrupting water viper.

                                    This Is some facts about this Dwarf planet

(KG) Mass   947,000,000,000,000,000,000 (KG)

Distance From Sun (KM)  413,690,250 (KM)

Revolution Period (earth years)  4.6 (earth years)

Rotation Period (earth days) Only 4 hours and 4 minutes

Composition   Mixture or water,ice,carbonates

Interesting facts   The dwarf planet is a planet that is so small that they are consider not a planet.

Interesting facts The dwarf

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This is a small story about a Dwarf planet called ceres