Paul Bunyan tackk

Background information

Paul bunyan is Americas best known Folk tale hero,He is mentioned in more than 1,000 books also his stories were an oral tradition from the 1880s through 1910.He was said to be 7 feet tall and to have an stride of 7 feet. They also said when he called his men to dinner he blowed through an hollow tree.

1. Key Ideas and details

A]  According to sandburg the origin of the story is from the north woods.

B]Sandburg meaans that paul bunyan is an old legend to some and to others they are just starting to hear it.


2. Key Ideas and details

A] One way that paul shows he is clever is when he had the bee and mosquito problem he got some plants that they liked and made the bees and mosquito follow him far away were the plants were. Another way is when he had a dance he let his friends keep there nail boots on so when the danced the sparks lit the candles instead of paul lighting all of them.

B] these qualitys realate to him by


3. Key Ideas and detail

A] Paul stops the rain by moving the pillar of water and stopping the rain.

B] The diffrent details tells me that life in the midwest back then was very southern and they depended on the land.

4. Integration of knowledge and ideas

A] I do think that paul bunyin was real. But I also think that some of the things that the author said he did was not real.

B] The type of person that would be inspired would be an child that would like to be an lumber jack when they grow up

5. Intergration of knowledge and ideas

A] An lumber jack would be an hero back then because back in those days wood was an very valuable resource. So for them to have an lumber jack like paul they would have alot of wood.

B]The quality that he shares is that just like him and other heros he is an roll modle to some one one day someone will have an goal to chop wood as fast as paul could. So the main thing that he and other heros have in common is that they are roll modles.

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