The battle of hastings

who will become king in the end?? 

the king will soon be decided

when Edward the confesser becomes very ill he relises he will need someone to become the new king of England, Edward said that william of normany would become king but thats not always the case. two other thought that they should be the new kings aswell, harold godwinson and harald hardraada. the day after edward died harold gowinson was crownd,soon later harold godwinson took over york , when the others heard this they were not very happy . on the 25th of september 1066 harald godwinson marched up to yourk to fight harold hardaada who was i viking , in the end harold hardaada lost as he was tired after the long trip on a ship.on the 28th of september william landed in south so harold godwinson march to meet him and battal, the battal begain on the 14th of october and in the end william won as harold godwinson gone a arrow in his eye. finally william of normandy was crownd king.    

the end!!!

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