3 Types of Art
Title: Olympic Centennial Newton Gravity
Date: 1990 - 1992
Artist:Dennis Oppenheim
Museum: The Olympic Museum
I think this painting is representational artwork because it has the title of the thing that the artwork is representing.

Title : Corpus of Christ from the Altarpiece of the Crucifixion
Date: 1391-99
Artist: Jacques de Baerze
Museum : Art Institute of Chicago
I think this is representational artwork because you can tell who and what it is .

Title: Pleasant Landscape 9035
Date: 2009
Artist: Kim , Ik Mo
Museum: Korean Art Museum Association
I think this is non-objective because you can't tell what it is .

Title: Painterly Realism of a football player
Artist:Malevich,Kazmir Serverinovich
Museum:The Art Institute of Chicago
I think this is a non - objective because you don't know what it is .

Date: Unknown
Artist : Ferruh Basaga
Museum:Sakip Sabanci Museum
I think this is an abstract painting because the triangles are intersecting.

Title:Caracas :Homage to Mondrian
Artist: Leo Matiz
Museum: Museum of Latin American Art
I think this is abstract because there are different shapes .

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