Developing an Action Plan to Deal with the Problem of Unemployment

1. A written explanation of how our group could develop support among individuals and groups in our community for our proposed plan.


Some of the individuals in our community who might be willing to support our proposed policy are groups the Honolulu Unemployment insurance. Another group who would be interested in helping with our policy would be Kalihi Palama Health Center. We can gain their support by going to a community meeting and letting people know what we want to do. With that we gain not only community supporters but also more people to help us. After we gain more supporters we can petition for Neil Abercrombi to take into consideration our policy on joblessness.


In our community i don't believe any of the groups would oppose our policy to help joblessness. They wouldn't oppose the policy because it would help people who are jobless and homeless and the people without homes who get jobs can apply for homes and it would start clearing the areas that homelessness is a problem which is in big business areas where most of these groups are located. Therefore, cleaning these business areas will lead to more business for the groups due to the cleaner work sites and it will also lead to more people getting jobs because of the business growth.

2) A written explanation of how our group could develop support from the government for our proposed policy.


Some influential government officials who would be willing to help are people like Neil Ambercrombri. We can get him to support our policy by sending him letters letting so that he becomes aware of what we are trying to do. Then, we can ask to meet with him to explain our policy and show that it is constitutional and doesn't take away the peoples rights. There is also the Federal-State Unemployment Insurances. They help give insurance to people who are unemployed.

B) In the Hawaii government there would not be anybody who opposed this policy because it would be a really good thing for everyone to help out the people who are jobless. This would be good because majority of the people who are jobless are also homeless, therefore by getting them jobs they can get off the streets, beaches and sidewalks and Hawaii will once again become a better looking tourist attraction. Although if there where people in our government who would opposed this policy then we could convince them to support them by telling them that creating this policy for jobless people will not only lower the percent of homeless people but most likely raise the percent of tourist coming to Oahu because it is cleaner and that will lead to more money coming in to our government.

3) Graphic Presentation:

(Credit: AP) Graphic Selected by ProQuest Staff

Caption pic1: This is a graph with the percentage of unemployed people. The majority of the unemployed are in poverty and use welfare.

(Credit: Mike Luckovich/Creators News Service)

This picture show that it's not easy to find jobs. The soldiers who came back from Iraq had a hard time finding jobs.

Annotated Bibliography pic #2:

This picture was created recently from at least the 2010- 2013. The importance of this information is so that people can understand better how hard it is to get a job. The source of this information is from Sirs. This information is reliable because it was checked and approved to get on the site. This information exists because people need to know that it's is not easy to find and get a job.


The currency of this information is from the 1940's when the FDR deal was made to know. The importance of this information is so that people know about the amount of people without jobs in Hawaii. The sources of this information were from the Sirs Website. All of the articles that the information was taken from are reliable because they are from Sirs or from history websites. The reason this information exists is to help people learn about unemployment and how it affects us today.

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