Ecology scrapbook

by:  Keshawn  Stewart

  • Ecology is the environment as it relates to living organisms.

Individual & population

  1. The fish lives in sea water it live with fishes that it look like and same habitat.
  2. The habitat is it lives in the water with there groups of family same kind of individual.

Individual- is the  same characteristic of a single thing or person of the same type.

Population-two or more same species in the same place.

They all have to have air and they live in the waterto get there food and to hide

ommunity and ecosystem

The fish eat the plants and they produce babies to make a community. Then bigger fish eat the smaller fish to produce energy.

*Community is when u have same types of species and some not the same together like shark would eat the fishes fishes would eat the grass and they build up for a community.

* Ecosystem is formed out of a community and it depends on other things.

For ex a meerkat depend on sand to burrow into it to live in and protect himself.

Food Chain

Owl is a consumer its eat the mouse to produce energy for itself.

The owl is heterotroph.

Heterotroph means they can't produce their own food.

Producer- make there own food

Consumer- eat producers or other consumers

Decomposer- break down dead or decaying orginisms.

Food web

The the producer get ate by the consumer the consumers get ate by the carnivore the carnivore get ate by the detritivores and it go around again.

The abiotic factors are the rocks, lava,and smoke.

The lava can kill an organism that is on the volcano. The smoke can block out the sun and kill plants. The smoke could kill animals by them breathing it in. The the animals respond by staying away from the volcano and move further when it erupts.

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