When warm air and cold air get caught in an updraft?

Well it`s possible here`s some evidence.

What is an updraft a updraft is warm air coming up and starts going around and around

Now I know what you are thinking what is an updraft?

An updraft id wen the warm air rises and the cold air sinks.

I think it could come down with the cold air to.

Tornadoes Rotate?

Did you know that tornadoes rotate?

A tornado caught in an updraft

What is a Funnel Cloud?

A funnel cloud is when there`s a thunderstorm and the rain and hail come down.  

That`s what a funnel cloud looks like in case if you did not know

Did You Know?

Did you know that sometimes the tornado gets caught in the up draft?

Historical Events

One time in 1989, Colorado and Wyoming got wind gusts up to 120 miles per hour!

In 1990 severe weather from northwest of Texas to Wisconsin caused over five million dollars in damage.

Salt Lake City Aug 11 1999 the wind speed was 188 to 262 and the damage 3.2 million dollars in damage 1 person died 99 people were hurt, 387 homes were damaged.

Cloud Type?

the cloud type for a tornado is funnel cloud.

How To Know When a Tornado is coming?

Here is some ways to know when a tornado comes Doppler 3000, raider, satellite, cell phones.

A place a tornado hit?

Did you know that a tornado hit here.

Tornado Proof??

The way to tornado proof your house is a house with an iron door.


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And the book eye of the storm

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