by One Direction

  This is us is film about One Direction. It isn't normal film like Matrix or Titanic. It is more document than film. It's about their way to glory. From X-factor over first single What Makes You Beatiful to the last album Take Me Home. 1D describe common experiences and feelings from the tour. They show there preparation for a concert, what they do after concert and traveling around world. They travel a lot and at home are just a few days. For their parents it is hard and for boys it is hard too. For example when they filming TIU Loueeh saw his beloved Grandmum last, because she died when they had tour. 1D acquaints us with their life. They want to say, they are normal guys, but their work is abnormal, because they followed their dreams (this said Niall). It's fun, but touching too. I like this film, because i can make them laugh.

Members of One Direction:
Louis Wiliam Tomlinson, Zayn Jawad Malik, Liam James Payne, Niall James Horan and Harry Edward Styles.

Movie Trailer:



common experiences - společné zážitky
acquaints - seznamovat
touching - dojemné
beloved - milovaná

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