Hundred Years War

By: Karah Joyner

The Hundred Years War was a war between England and France from 1337 to 1453. It all started with the disagreement between Edward III (of England) and King Philip VI (of France. They disagreed on who got to be considered royalty, so Edward declared war against King Philip

The English had used longbows, along with their heavy armor, to shoot down the French horses and then wound the soldiers so they wouldn't be able to get up or fight back without the help of multiple men. They also did not have enough resources to completely destroy the French. To help them in that situation, they fought in a very muddy field and defeated the French and killed almost over 1,500 French nobles. Then they were able to take over northern France.

The French fought in very disorderly fashions, and were all over the place going from one person to the next. They were strongly defeated by the English but later got their land back with the help of Joan of Arc.

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